Fender American Ultra Series Stratocaster

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Fender American Ultra Series Stratocaster – Ultra Burst

Presenting the Fender American Ultra Series Stratocaster, Fender’s high-performance model of the modern Stratocaster. It uses numerous upgrades over standard layouts, consisting of Fender’s most recent Ultra Noiseless Vintage Strat pickups, a 10″– 14″ substance distance fingerboard on an uncomplicated Modern “D” neck, and also S-1 changing to roll in fat neck tones on pick-up placements 1 and also 2.

Even if you’re a traditionally bent player, do not be dismayed: the American Ultra Stratocaster is a Strat inside out. Its light-weight body is built from conventional Strat tonewoods (alder or ash, based on color) and also outfitted with a remarkable gloss poly coating and also collaborating pickguard.

 Secured securing tuners as well as a 2-point Deluxe Synchronised Trem with pop-in arm furnish today’s gamers for classic Strat colorization with demanding modern articulation. One feature all our customers fasted to note is the tapered inconspicuous neck heel, which offers you access to fret placements you ‘d never risk right into on your vintage Strat.

The entire instrument has been thought out thoroughly and constructed with highest standards of craftmanship, all the way to the printed Fender headstock logo and added comfy trem arm.

Fender’s 5th-gen noiseless pickups, called Ultra Noiseless, land you all the spanky, quacky Strat benefits without any bothersome hum. Seriously– connect it into a Plexi and also crank it. The Ultra Noiseless Vintage Strat pickups continue to be packed with personality as well as light on sound.

The American Ultra Strat has a silky-smooth 5-way switch that offers you lots of tones to choose from. When you engage the volume knob’s S-1 Switch, you can add neck-position tones to settings 1 and 2– placement 1 giving you bridge and neck pickups with each other, setting 2 giving you all 3 pickups simultaneously.

The American Ultra Stratocaster’s performance-driven functions include the neck and fingerboard in a large method. Its fingerboard sports an easy-playing 10″– 14″ compound-radius as well as 22 medium-jumbo worries, with extra-rolled sides to supply countless hrs of playing convenience.

A Modern “D” profile gives you lots of neck to cover your hand about, while never ever hindering your playing. And also the neck’s super-slick Ultra Satin coating motivates ingenious hand maneuvering. One of the best components of the American Ultra Strat below is its tapered neck heel.

Play this Strat and you’ll have the complete picture on this the sculpted heel provides you simple access to the guitar’s whole fretboard.

Players all over the world have actually loved the Stratocaster because its intro in 1954. By depending on great craftsmanship  and also unrivaled playability, it’s little marvel why the Stratocaster is so prominent today.

Fender American Ultra Stratocaster Solid body Electric Guitar Features:

  • Ultra Noiseless Vintage Strat pickups provide traditional Strat tone, without the hum
  • S-1 Switch blends the neck pick-up right into settings 1 and also 2
  • Modern “D” neck account loads your hand without hindering
  • Ultra Satin neck coating won’t impede your method
  • Comfortable 10– 14″ substance span fits chording to lead work
  • Rounded fingerboard edges supply hours of playing convenience
  • 2-point synchronized tremolo as well as secured securing tuners
  • Embossed Fender headstock logo adds a high-end touch
All color and configurations are shown below. There are 7 color choices.

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