Yamaha Storia Acoustic Guitar Lineup

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Yamaha Storia Is As Unique As You!

Yamaha is now focusing on those just getting serious on the guitar with Yamaha Storia, a set of acoustic-electric guitars looks great and plays even better.

Looks-wise, the three-model range– Storia I, II and the III stands apart with fashionable colors. A closer look reveals beginner-friendly features such as comfy string heights, a slim neck as well as smooth fingerboard sides.

All models feature mahogany back and sides, a nato neck and a walnut fingerboard. They differ, however, in terms of top woods, body finishes, colors on the inside and sonic character. Here are the details:

Storia I:

  • Inside colour of light blue
  • Solid Sitka spruce top, off-white finish
  • Clear, rich sound

Storia II:

  • Warm, well-balanced sound
  • Solid mahogany top, natural finish
  • Inside colour of ultramarine

Storia III:

  • Solid mahogany top, chocolate-brown finish
  • Warm, well-balanced sound
  • Inside colour of wine red

The concert size of the Storia guitars makes them truly comfortable to play, keeping them light-weight and bent versus your body. All three still flaunt a 25″ scale size, so the guitars don’t feel as tiny as they really are, as well as you’ll really feel as at home with a Storia as the Storia will feel in your house.

They entryway like artwork and will not inhabit as much room as a full-size acoustic guitar so is best for musicians and also trainees with little area, or require to travel with their guitar slung throughout their back. The audio remains full bodied and also powerful but with the regulated characteristics of a smaller guitar.

The Storia series is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time a joy to play, yet crafted in such a way as to fit into any décor, you might forget that it is a musical instrument.

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